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Re: [IPr] Re: Depression, and coping

Kristen - I'll keep you in my prayers.  
We had a bit of difficulty in my family this week.  My grandmother died after 
a long illness.  While we were there, my niece told my daughter how much she 
admired her for her strength and how she carried herself.  Since my daughter, 
too, is a depressive, this news both surprised her and made her stop and 
think.  Also, I was made to think about life.  No matter who you are, what 
you do, how you feel about yourself, there is almost definitely someone who 
looks up to you.  
Those of us with diabetes should be applauded for simply surviving.  Remember 
how far medicine has advanced in the last few years and how good our life 
really is.  Depression is an illness that is our constant companion.  A daily 
battle.  Drugs help tremendously, but dealing with the stigma is also trying 
at times.
I have fibromyalgia, diabetes, a visual disability, and depression.  Between 
the constant pain, and the sugar highs and lows, it's no wonder depression 
gets such a good hold sometimes!  But, I have had relatives who have 
committed suicide, and I know what it does to those left behind.  
Please feel free to write me directly if you want to unload or feel the world 
is unbearable.  
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