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Re: [IPr] My thoughts, and coping

> >From a Christian perspective, of course it is the essence of Christ (while
>Jews and Muslims might take a different view).

Other religions weren't being discussed in this thread, just 
Christianity.  Muslims and Jews don't believe that Jesus is the son 
of God, and therefore, not Christians.

>But I think you misunderstand myth.  Myth does not mean untrue.  To the
>contrary, a myth is a story that tells a Truth, exact history
>notwithstanding.  IOW, a story may or may not be historically accurate, but
>it still is truthful regarding God.  There is much in the Bible that is not
>historically verifiable, and some that simply cannot be historical because
>it is self contradictory.

On the contrary, Jim, I think you don't understand myth.  My 
dictionary defines it as fictitious, imaginary.  A popular belief or 
tradition that has grown up around something or someone.  A person or 
thing having only an imaginary or unverifiable existence as 
contrasted with history.  It doesn't impress me that there are people 
out there who claim the Bible cannot be historical because it is 
self-contradictory.  That simply isn't true.  In fact, in recent 
years, science continues dispelling some of their old theories about 
the Bible being fictitious by uncovering physical evidence that 
proves its authenticity and factuality, which hasn't surprised any 

>What the Jesus Seminar was/is attempting to do is to distill the factual
>from the mythological, and I hold that they *cannot* be separated and still
>be true to the story of Redemption.  But that does not make the participants
>unChristian or unfaithful.

We may have very different views on what a Christian is.  IMO, a 
Christian is one who believes in Christ as God's son.  If you believe 
that He was the son of God, then you believe in the Bible.  The Bible 
is the word of God.  Period.  As a Christian, the Bible is my ONE and 
ONLY truth.  What more should any Christian need??

>To criticize those who are doing it, in a way that comes close to demonizing
>them without trying to understand what they are doing is very unhelpful.
>Spirituality is *enhanced* by a strong intellectual approach, not hampered.
>If anyone is going to criticize a work, then one needs to read and
>understand what it is trying to accomplish.  Otherwise is it just so much
>straw in the wind.

I'm not demonizing or criticizing anyone.  I don't feel superior over 
anyone who holds very different beliefs, including those who don't 
believe in Christ.  I'm annoyed by self-righteous people.  I do have 
a problem with someone calling themselves a Christian but then saying 
they don't believe the entire Bible is factual, or the Bible needs to 
be supplemented by other works.  IMO, that's like saying you are a 
vegetarian but still eat a little meat.

I remember when I was struggling with my faith, having doubts and 
questions.  I'm a realist and a "show me the proof" type of person. 
Some of us know that is one of the most difficult areas to overcome, 
trusting the Bible as God's word, without doubt.  I didn't consider 
myself a full-fledged Christian during those years of doubt.  Don't 
get me wrong, I still have a long way to go in my faith and 
obedience, but I no longer question those things that a Christian 
should believe in their entirety...the Bible and that Jesus is the 
son of God.  This isn't my opinion, it's from the Bible.

Cindy Kress

>Jim Handsfield
>email @ redacted
>The opinions expressed are mine and do not necessarily represent those of my
>wife who runs our house and makes more important decisions than I do.
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