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[IPr] My thoughts

Hello everyone! I had written a couple of things on this format before, but it
has been quite a while, and I'm not really sure why. I guess I was feeling
inundated with so much mail, mostly the digest formats, and those from my
family and friends that I needed a break!
    But I'm back and happy to say that I'm glad at least a few of you hung in
there keeping this Spirit line going! Thanks! I've had this disease for 38
years and yes, I still hate it. Mostly because of the lows (really really bad
lows ok?) where I wake up in the ER or ambulance and I'm so COLD and so WEAK
and so SICK that I wish I hadn't woken at all. I know that sounds terrible but
that felling that no matter how careful I've been, how many meter tests I've
taken, sometimes things still can go terribly wrong and so out of my power to
control, that terrible depression set in. I admit to that and to the fact that
I still occasionally feel overwhelmed but most of the time I'm now grateful
that God and His angels watched over me and sent me help and prevented me from
injuring others! I am a good person! I have value! And I have a husband who
though often gets sick and tired of my episodes as he calls them, still stayed
with me and tries in his own way to help the best way he can. I have 4
wonderful children and my youngest, born 13 years after a tubal ligation, has
been such an inspiration and source of joy for me! She has also been angry at
me for passing out, and would prefer it if I kept my blood sugar at 200 or so,
just to be safe, but understands my need to stay as close as I can to normal
levelsto prevent further complications. And again, thanks to God, my vision,
while not perfect, is still pretty good, I wear glasses for TV or driving due
to near-sightedness and have had only one laser treatment! I also love my
life, my dogs, my birds, my church work and friends! God is good. I hope He
makes HIs presence known to all of you as well, whether in small ways, like a
beautiful sunset, or in bigger ways, like a good test result when a bad one
was expected. Peace!
    Rosemary K.
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