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[IPr] Re: Discussion on this list

<FontFamily>>What has given you spirtitual inspiration to help cope with

<FontFamily>To me, I'd say gratitude has been an important thing to 
remember when  diabetes gets stressful!   

When I was in the process of getting my pump last spring, and was  
frustrated by the fact that the process seemed to be taking so long and
  worried that my insurance wouldn't approve it, it definitely helped 
put things  in perspective to remember how blessed I am to *have* 
insurance and be in  a position where I could even think of getting a 
$5000 pump!  Given the fact  that there are so many diabetics worldwide 
who struggle just to get a  reliable supply of insulin, I can hardly 

When I get anxious about going in for tests that could reveal the onset 
of  complications, I'm grateful that I have family and a wonderful 
church  community to support me should any of the tests reveal bad news 
(no  complications so far, thank God). 

><FontFamily>I write from a Christian perspective, but would certainly 
value others'  >perspectives and expect to learn from them.  

<FontFamily>I also come from a Christian perspective but hope to hear 
from all different  perspectives!  I'm curious as to what other 
faiths/religions we have  represented on this list?   

><FontFamily>I would hope this group could provide support beyond what 
we get  >from IP.  

<FontFamily>I agree -- I'd like to see this list be more than just a 
place for any mention of  God on the "regular" list to be immediately 
redirected to!  I realize religion  tends to be a "sensitive" issue and 
they understandably don't want fights  breaking out, but faith is such 
an important part of so many people's lives  that it would be wonderful 
to see this list become a real outlet for those kind  of conversations. 

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