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Re: [IPr] Discussion on this list

Hi Laura F. on the spirit list:

I'll throw in my two cents and maybe this will liven up the spirit of the
list. First I'd like to say thanks to the keepers of this list for providing
this ability to connect with others.
    I am certain that God gave me diabetes because without it, I would have
never gone down the path of the spiritual awakening that I am on now.
    I believe that God continues to use diabetes in my life as a way to
teach me lessons in connecting with spirit, to remind me that my body is not
my spirit, and to have more compassion for others.
    Years ago, I was on a backpacking trip and the Universe lined up a nice
diabetic coma for me. All kinds of circumstances collided, starting with a
very bad case of altitude sickness, and I ended up comatose two days into
the backcountry with no roads, no phones, no medical help. However, as I was
sinking closer to death, (I know this is a little dramatic, but I was so
close to death that the backs of my legs turned black and blue because my
blood pooled there when my circulation nearly stopped) anyway, ha ha, as I
was nearly dead, I became aware of this powerful life force that was in me,
but not from me. Something else was keeping me alive. It was life force,
God, the pure drive to survive, I didn't know what at the time, being
hopelessly atheist. I did not have the experience of going down a tunnel of
light that many people have described, but I felt the presence of a greater
power running the show, and I also felt that the "me" who I had thought was
so important was quite inconsequential in the face of that power.
    I could not see or walk and my mind was very dull without any capacity
to think or reason my way out of the situation. I was still high in the
mountains and I collapsed beside the trail. But even though I couldn't think
or reason, my mouth opened and I said forcefully to my trail companion, "GET
ME A HELICOPTER!" The voice that said those words was not from me.
    It turned out that a helicopter was in fact the only way to get me out
of the mountains and to a hospital in time. They stripped down a copter to
get it to fly at 12,000 ft., came up to Bishop pass, scooped me up, and
dumped me at the hospital, where I was unconscious for four days, and it
took me many years to sort out what happened and make sense of it.
Unfortunately, I fell into a huge depression and had to work my way through
that too. But I had felt that God/life force and it changed me forever.
    This is the short version of a very long story, but since then, diabetes
has taught me many lessons and opened many doors to a closer relationship
with God, and a sense of the peace of God that is more satisfying than any
healthy body could bring to me.
     Being a slow learner and a hard head, it has taken many lessons for me
to get the point. One of the most important was when friends of mine
arranged a healing ceremony for my neuropathy. At the time I was very
panicked about the progression of the nerve damage. I'll spare you the
details, but the crux is that in the midst of a ceremony filled with light
and joy, Jesus (who I didn't even believe in at the time) appeared to me and
said, "You are ok exactly as you are."
     I still did not quite get the message. I felt that something important
had happened, but I didn't understand it, and I also felt disappointed that
the ceremony hadn't reversed the nerve damage on the spot. But that message
continues to resonate for me and grow more powerful. The whole point is to
stop thinking of diabetes as a problem. We are ok exactly as we are. To me,
that knowledge is a healing on the spot, even though the symptoms and the
physical body may remain the same, my perception of it is different.
     Anyway, these experiences with diabetes have been every painful and a
couple of times almost put me six feet under, but without these lessons that
pointed me on the way towards the spirit of God, where would I be? Diabetes
gave all that to me.
Susan :-D

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> I think it's kind of sad that this list is so dead.  I get the sense that
> there are a lot of people here who really are interested in talking
> about faith/religion/spirituality as it relates to diabetes and our
> health -- any ideas on how we could get that started?  I think it
> would be great to see this turn into a real (active) discussion group!
> One thought I had -- maybe we could take turns coming up with a
> "question of the week" (or something like that) that could spark
> discussion?  Just an idea.  I'd love to hear any other thoughts on
> the subject!
> Laura
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