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Re: [IPr] Discussion on this list

OK, here's an idea:

What has given you spirtitual inspiration to help cope with diabetes?

I write from a Christian perspective, but would certainly value others' 
perspectives and expect to learn from them. I am in an incredible Bible 
study community right now and have actually had some moments of 
inspiration lately.

I would hope this group could provide support beyond what we get from 
IP. I would hope that we could share a variety of experiences and all be 


Laura F. wrote:

>I think it's kind of sad that this list is so dead.  I get the sense that 
>there are a lot of people here who really are interested in talking 
>about faith/religion/spirituality as it relates to diabetes and our 
>health -- any ideas on how we could get that started?  I think it 
>would be great to see this turn into a real (active) discussion group!
>One thought I had -- maybe we could take turns coming up with a 
>"question of the week" (or something like that) that could spark 
>discussion?  Just an idea.  I'd love to hear any other thoughts on 
>the subject!
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