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Re: [IPr] Beyond Thanksgiving

Hello ALL
I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving.
I had so much to be thankful for I spent much of the Day trying to assist others while blessing the Universe for everything. I was engaged to be Married this past year which I am so Thankful for and even more thankful for the happiness I have found.
I also got my pump this past year...well it was actually exactly a year ago. I am thankful for my pump and the freedom and flexibility that it has offered to me. As well as the reduction in my crazy lows with equally crazzy emotions.
I am so Thankful for my Sister being alive and recovering well from a nearly fatal car crash last December that crushed her spine.
I am very Thankful that my other sister is doing well and is about to start college.
I am Thankful that my Divorced parents have finally begun communicating in a civil manner. This is a great thing after 9 longs years of fire and brimstone between them. It will be nice to have peace at my Marriage Ceremony.
I am Thankful for being accepted to a PhD program that I am loving. I am Thankful for my Pump in helping make my advanced school work a little easier to manage, when I was in undergrad I often got low during class and passed out a few times during exams. Now with my pump I feel like a functional and passionate academic...YeaH!
I am Thankful for all of you wonderful people on this list, even though i do not post often I am greatful to know that you are all out there. I was so moved when this list was created, because I have so often connected my spirituality with my ability to live a productive life with Diabetes.
I am so thankful to be complication free, thus far after almost 19 years of type 1 Diabetes and a very long battle with Anorexia on top of my diabetes. I have prayed and meditated in order to express my deep gratitude for being healthy and diabetic.
I am thankful for not having cervical cancer at the age of 25...I had a scare this fall with repeated abnormal pap tests, but so far so good. I really do not want to have to have cryo therapy because I want to have a Baby in the next few years. Thankful is an understatement for what I feel at the close of a year of rollercoaster emotions and a myriad of highs and lows that reached my former Mountain Peaks and valleys.
Thank You all for Being spiritually sensitive and patient with me and my diatribes!
Thank You ALL
:) Michelle
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