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Re: [IPr] Happy Thanksgiving

Flame & Vixen & Sammi

Thank you for sharing your thoughts.  I'll save these in my
important stuff folder and re-read when I'm feeling down.
It was so well written, I hope you'll post it to the regular
IP group list.

Warm wishes for the holidays!

Pump Daddy

Q:  What are each of you thankful for?

If you woke up this morning with more health than
illness...you are more
blessed than the million who will not survive this week.

If you have never experienced the danger of battle, the
loneliness of
imprisonment, the agony of torture, or the pangs of
starvation .. you are
ahead of 500 million people in the world.

If you can attend a church meeting without fear of
harassment, arrest,
torture, or death...you are more blessed than three billion
people in the

If you have food in the refrigerator, clothes on your back,
a roof overhead
and a place to sleep...you are richer than 75% of this

If you have money in the bank, in your wallet, and spare
change in a dish
someplace...you are among the top 8% of the world's wealthy.

If your parents are still alive and still married, you are
very rare, even
in the United States.

If you hold up your head with a smile on your face and are
thankful...you are blessed because the majority can, but
most do not.

If you can hold someone's hand, hug them or even touch them
on the
shoulder...you are blessed because you can offer healing

If you can read this message, you just received a double
blessing in that
someone was thinking of you, and furthermore, you are more
blessed than over
two billion people in the world that cannot read at all.

Have a good day, count your blessings, and pass this along
to remind
else how blessed we all are.

Blessed Be


A friend sent me this a few days ago - & it tied in very
closely with the
train of thought I've been following of late.  At one of my
schools, we have what seems to be an inordinate amount of
children in really
heartbreaking home situations...trying to help create a
place of safety &
normalcy for them at school really brings home to me how
very grateful I am
for having been brought up in a family of love.  At my
in-laws yesterday, we
had a long talk about what a "normal" family or upbringing
involves, &
finally agreed that it is not at all the "Leave It to
Beaver" perfect home
with mom wearing pearls & cooking dinner, & Dad imparting
just the right
words of wisdom as a crisis is neatly resolved & lessons are
of course
learned...that a "normal" upbringing involves mistakes,
bad days, moods we can't all understand & plans that just
never go right,
less than ideal choices made by parents, children, siblings,
pets, & friends, & a hundred other pieces of confusion to
trip over on a
daily basis, & that that's all part of the process.  That's
the kind of
"normal" upbringing I had...& I thank my gods each & every
day for it,
knowing how very precious it has been & that so many people
have far less.
Yesterday morning I sat down & wrote my mom a letter about
how grateful I am
for her...got emotional & cried through the whole thing.  It
felt so good
that I sat down & wrote also to a favorite uncle who now
lives in another
part of the country, & whom I haven't seen in years...told
him how much he
means to me, & spoke of times that his love & support made a
world of
difference in my life.  Wrote a third such letter to one of
my former high
school students who was "always there" for me, whose smile &
encouragement were a real lifeline in times of chaos &

This is not an order (I haven't been made Queen of the
World...yet! <g>),
nor is it one of those "do this or your nose will fall off"
dire consequence
e-mail type of things...simply a suggestion.  Give yourself
a moment or two
in the hectic everydayness of your life, sit down in a quiet
space, & let
yourself roam through your memory to a time when someone's
love & support
have really made a lot of difference in your life...then
write it down &
send it to them - let someone know that they matter.  I
carried the
realization of other people's gifts to me with me all day
yesterday...& I
don't think the smile ever left my face.  Having an
"attitude of gratitude
can do wonderful things for you...try it & see!

Brightest Blessings!
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