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[IPr] Happy Thanksgiving

I just wanted to tell everyone Happy Thanksgiving! I know that there are alot
of you who are struggling right now with family problems, job difficulties,
health problems from diabetes and other ailmenta, and yes even concern over
the future of our great country but it is important that we take time to
consider all of the things that we do have to be thankful for. I am sure that
if we each were to make a list mentally or on paper that we would be
at just how many things that we should stop and thank God for.

There have been so many times since I got my 507MM pump in 1997 that I have
checked my sugar and was surprised to see that it had shot up what seems like
all of a sudden to as high as 500+. I always check my resevoir and find that
the insulin supply has been depleted and sometimes I am not even aware of it
until I hear that familiar alarm and see the message "no delivery". By that
time it is too late to have avoided high bgs. If only I would think to keep
filled up all the time. It is the same way in my spiritual life, I find that
if I do not fill my spirit with God's word and pray on a consistent basis
I catch myself being grumpy, resentful, unthankful and  then I hear the alarm
go off in my spirit and
realize that I need to replenish my spirit because there is "no delivery".
This Thanksgiving we as individuals and as a nation need to keep our lamps
full and burning because these are trouble plagued times that call upon all
our spiritual resources to retain a thankful attitude all year long.
Happy Thanksgiving all!

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