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Re: [IPr] Prayer and diabetes


Thank you. Jennifer does play soccer. She has just been placed on a 
traveling soccer team which will begin practice this month. She also 
wants to play high school field hockey and soccer. In the past I have 
sat through her practices and games because I worry about her coach not 
remembering what to do if there is a problem. High school sports will be 
a growing up experience for both of us. I teach at another school and 
can't possibly hang out at her practices. Thanks for the link to the 
sports organization I will check it out.

I wish there was some hope for a cure - now, before she has 
complications. I just went and sat tonight with a dear friend who is 
dying of cancer. She is on so much morphine now that she is not 
responsive at all. Her whole life was a battle because of diabetes. She 
had neuropathy, as well as a kidney /  pancreas transplant. Now she is 
leaving behind a very bright, but autistic, 10 year old daughter.  I 
can't help but worry about my daughter when I see all the Diedre has 
gone through.

As I said, I am afraid to pray for a cure because I want it so badly 
that I would have trouble facing the fact that a cure is not God's will.

Again, thanks for your response. You are a light and inspiration.


email @ redacted wrote:

>Dear Kay,
>You wrote that your daughter who is 13 has diabetes and you struggle daily.I 
>am almost 44 and I have had diabetes since I was 14.While I have had my ups 
>and downs I am currently in the best health of my entire life.In November I 
>completed my first marathon with TEAM DIABETES. I am the mother of twins who 
>are almost 13 years old. I am healthy,happy and do anything anyone else 
>does.I have been reading about praying for healing diabetes and I must say I 
>pray daily for the strength to handle what comes my way.I believe everything 
>happens for a reason and there is a much bigger picture.Diabetes is a 
>challenging disease but with proper management--monitoring blood 
>glucose,daily activity and proper nutrition it is not life threating.We can 
>lead full active lives.recently I attended a Diabetes Exercise Sports 
>Association  Spring into Health Conference in NYC I met diabetics that did 
>several running marathons and even someone who is a mountain climber who went 
>to the North Pole and is training to go to the south pole.There are no 
>limitations---only the ones we place on ourselves.
>Pray for patience and strength. My thoughts and prayers are with you.
>If you would like more info about DESA (they have a newsletter) the e-mail 
>address is www.diabetes-exercise.org
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for HELP or to subscribe/unsubscribe, contact: HELP@insulin-pumpers.org
send a DONATION http://www.Insulin-Pumpers.org/donate.shtml