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Re: [IPr] Prayer and diabetes

       I have had diabetes for 31 years, since I was 12 years old.  I see 
diabetes as a way for see to learn to love myself even though my body is 
limited.  I have to use my mind to overcome the obstacles that my body has.  
Diabetes teaches patience, self-discipline, persistence, and being grateful 
for what others take for granted.  Diabetes also teaches us to love ourselves 
even though we're "different", and to make a choice between fear of the 
future and optimism that we can handle anything.
       When I pray, I pray for patience, optimism, the self discipline to 
never quit on myself, to never let fear beat me down, and of course a 
miracle.  Every time I help someone else less fortuneate than myself, or who 
feels helpless to change, I feel I've made a deposit in my "miracle account" 
with God.  If I get a miracle, I'll assume it's because I've learned to 
overcome all that diabetes needed to teach me.  I pray for the strength not 
to let worry or fear rule my life, and to live in the present moment.
       Hope this helps someone.

In a message dated 05/21/2002 11:16:34 PM US Mountain Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

> Our 13 year old daughter is the one with diabetes and I struggle with 
> this issue daily. I want to pray for "healing" but I am afraid to. I 
> understand that God's healing might look different that a functional 
> pancreas, but that's what I want her to have. I am afraid I would be 
> terribly disappointed if I asked for a specific and didn't get waht I 
> asked for.
> Wish I had more understanding or experience. I'm struggling myself and 
> would love to hear from others.
> Kay
> Laura F. wrote:
> >I was wondering how (and if) people here pray about their diabetes?
> >What exactly do you pray for?  And has anyone experienced what they
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