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Re: [IPr] Prayer and diabetes

Our 13 year old daughter is the one with diabetes and I struggle with 
this issue daily. I want to pray for "healing" but I am afraid to. I 
understand that God's healing might look different that a functional 
pancreas, but that's what I want her to have. I am afraid I would be 
terribly disappointed if I asked for a specific and didn't get waht I 
asked for.

Wish I had more understanding or experience. I'm struggling myself and 
would love to hear from others.

Laura F. wrote:

>I was wondering how (and if) people here pray about their diabetes?
>What exactly do you pray for?  And has anyone experienced what they
>really felt was a tangible result (in terms of their health) to that
>I still remember last year, at church one Sunday our minister led a
>"guided prayer/meditation" where we asked Jesus to heal us of something
>(whatever we wanted).  The "healing" I asked for had to do with
>emotional issues; but I didn't realize until later that day that it
>hadn't even occurred to me to ask for healing from my diabetes.  Why
>not?  I guess if I'm honest, I didn't tend to think of it as something
>God could/would do anything about.  I sort of saw it as something that
>was MY responsibility to take care of....but of course, there are limits
>to what I can do!
>Since then, I've tried to pray more often about my diabetes and my
>health.  I pray for stable blood sugars, and for God to protect my body
>from complications, and to support the research toward a cure.....but I
>still find I can't really pray for my diabetes to be healed (as in, have
>my pancreas start funtioning tomorrow).  Whenever I try to pray for
>that, it feels like playing the lottery or something -- I'm asking for
>something huge, but I have no expectation whatsoever that it will
>actually be granted (I'm sure God is *capable* of healing T1 diabetes,
>but let's face it, He doesn't seem to do it too often!)
>I skimmed through a small book in a bookstore about "the Bible and
>diabetes" which said we SHOULD specifically pray for God to restore the
>ability of our bodies to produce insulin, but what if we don't believe
>that's very likely to happen?  Do we have to believe it?  Do you pray
>for that on a regular basis?  And I'll go back to my original
>question.....do you feel that prayers for your health have been answered
>in any specific ways?  I'm interested in people's experiences in this
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