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[IPr] re: diabetes and prayer

> I have an idea, how about we pray to understand it better, so we know what
> to pray for?
I support and agree with that.  However, I guess I've always had trouble
praying for "tangible" things, such as healing.  I'm not sure what
exactly I believe about healing prayer.  Obviously not everyone who
prays for healing is healed (at least not physically).  Yet you do hear
miraculous stories from people who are.  And the gospels are full of
people who came to Jesus specifically for physical healing, and were
healed.  So is that what we're supposed to do?

> (Who knows, maybe the reason you can't pray for something is
> because you know that's not the real issue.)
Well, that was my first reaction when I realized I hadn't trhough to
pray for my diabetes -- that obviously I needed "emotional" healing
more.  But, I think it was more than that.  I think I have an easier
time imagining God healing me from "emotional" things than from physical
illness.  At the time, I really hadn't brought God or prayer into my
diabetes at all (and I still don't to the extent that I'm sure I
should).  So am I not able to pray for something because God doesn't
really want me praying for it anyway, or am I putting limits on God's
power?  I don't know.

> Maybe those emotional issues
> are the seat of this experience of diabetes, or just another expression of
> something else that is the seat of it.  Maybe?
I guess I'm  not sure exactly what you mean by that.  The "emotional"
issues I talked about (which are complex and which I won't go into here)
are not directly related to my diabetes.  That's not to say they never
affect the way I react to my diabetes, but overall they're two separate

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