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[IPr] Re: prayer

Laura, I pray very often for God to heal me of everything that's wrong with 
me, including my diabetes.  I'm with you on whether or not God actually will 
do that--I'm not sure that will happen.  But I pray for it anyway; I pray a 
lot about very abstract things, like that God will make me healthy in 
whatever way He will.  I always hope that will result in my feeling better.  
I don't know that I've seen any tangible results.  I couldn't point to times 
my blood sugars have been better as a result of prayer.   Sometimes I feel 
that when I pray for these more abstract things (i.e., better health), I do 
see that God is answering my prayers; some days I feel better than others.  I 
also keep reminding myself that sometimes God has to say no, and that He has 
his reasons.  I pray sometimes, too, that God will help me take care of 
myself better, and I do see that God helps me in that way.  

It's a good question!  I'm curious to see what other people will say.

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