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[IPr] Prayer and diabetes

I was wondering how (and if) people here pray about their diabetes?
What exactly do you pray for?  And has anyone experienced what they
really felt was a tangible result (in terms of their health) to that

I still remember last year, at church one Sunday our minister led a
"guided prayer/meditation" where we asked Jesus to heal us of something
(whatever we wanted).  The "healing" I asked for had to do with
emotional issues; but I didn't realize until later that day that it
hadn't even occurred to me to ask for healing from my diabetes.  Why
not?  I guess if I'm honest, I didn't tend to think of it as something
God could/would do anything about.  I sort of saw it as something that
was MY responsibility to take care of....but of course, there are limits
to what I can do!

Since then, I've tried to pray more often about my diabetes and my
health.  I pray for stable blood sugars, and for God to protect my body
from complications, and to support the research toward a cure.....but I
still find I can't really pray for my diabetes to be healed (as in, have
my pancreas start funtioning tomorrow).  Whenever I try to pray for
that, it feels like playing the lottery or something -- I'm asking for
something huge, but I have no expectation whatsoever that it will
actually be granted (I'm sure God is *capable* of healing T1 diabetes,
but let's face it, He doesn't seem to do it too often!)

I skimmed through a small book in a bookstore about "the Bible and
diabetes" which said we SHOULD specifically pray for God to restore the
ability of our bodies to produce insulin, but what if we don't believe
that's very likely to happen?  Do we have to believe it?  Do you pray
for that on a regular basis?  And I'll go back to my original
question.....do you feel that prayers for your health have been answered
in any specific ways?  I'm interested in people's experiences in this

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