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[IPr] Re: spirit-digest V4 #373

Kristen, congratulations for being brave and asking what is in your 
heart!  I would be very surprised if there isn't anyone with any chronic 
illness who hasn't felt this way from time to time!  I have certainly had 
my share of times when I just didn't know what was up, thing were very 
screwy health-wise and didn't make any sense to me at all.  I am fortunate 
to have lots of support and compassionate friends who gave me an ear and a 
kindness when the doctors were wagging their fingers telling me I had to do 
something differently, but they couldn't tell me what that was.  I was also 
fortunate to have some doctors who were honest enough to say that this 
illness isn't understood very well at all, and that it is important to 
listen to my knowing about what is helpful to me.  Thank God for honesty, I 
say!  I find it refreshing!

I also had to realize that answers were given and I wasn't always 
listening...I would reject things people would tell me, judging them as 
wrong or contrary to my beliefs at that time.  Eventually I heard more of 
what was being offered, and was able to receive it and explore things that 
I once thought were too weird or nonsense.  Some were helpful, some weren't 
(yet, they might be at another point).

We are all here to support each other.  I hope we all heal completely.

"And in the beginning was love.
Love made a sphere; all things
grew within it; the sphere then
encompassed beginnings and endings, beginning and end.
Love had a compass whose
whirling dance traced out a
sphere of love in the void; in
the center thereof rose a

Robert Lax, The Circus of the Sun, 1959, Franciscan Institute
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