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[IPr] Re: faith & diabetes

Amy, you mentioned that your faith had helped you get through some dark times 
in your son's BGs.  My faith has helped me through some rough times, too, but 
I also sometimes get very irritated with God when I go through long rough 
times, and wondered if anyone else experiences this.  I know that God answers 
every prayer, he just sometimes says no, but lately I have had lots of health 
problems and have been praying to God very hard for help.  My main problems 
are with chronic sinus infections and headaches, which is just exacerbated by 
the diabetes, and I've been frustrated with the lack of progress in 
recovering from these.  I don[t know if support is something you can ask for 
here, and if I'm out of line I apologize.

I subscribed to this list because my faith is a very big part of my life; 
from what I just wrote you may not see that in me.  Has anyone else ever felt 
this way?

Thanks, Kristin
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