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Re: [IPr] Your Pumping Buddy (i.e. Insulin : ) )!

Yes, Greg, Pumping Insulin (3rd edition) is a fantastic book with a lot of 
very useful info. Anyone else who would like to order it  can do 
so  through the IP website @
If ordered through the link on the website IP gets a small percentage of 
the cost of the book--every little bit helps.

At 12:21 AM 6/6/2003, you wrote:
>Hey Illene,
>I have had diabetes since 1977.  I don't take Lantus, however, I used to.
>I just ordered a book that I am expecting to get in a couple days because it
>needs to be a special order from Barnes & Nobel.
>The book is called "Pumping Insulin 3rd Edition".   I have found a couple of
>web sites that can help you get a little insight on your blood sugar.  I
>don't really exercise that much (i.e. moderately active).  Walk around a lot
>at work and play golf once a week.
>But I realize you probably already have seen this one:
>You might want to check out the above book.  I have already started using
>the information at the above site and my blood sugars are already coming
>down a bit.
>I have found that from the above formula I need 1 unit per 40 grams of blood
>sugar and if my blood sugar is high at a meal like:
>220 mg/dl, and say I'm having 65 grams at a specific meal of carbohydrates
>and my blood sugar is the 220 mg/dl.
>I would take via my pump:  2 units to lower my blood sugar 80mg/dl to get it
>down to 140mg/dl (I do it a little high because my hourly bolus will bring
>it down a little before my snack).  Then I divide the total number of carbs
>by 11.33 (the calculated average I found on the website for my weight and
>total units of insulin per day). This dosage would be 5.7u of insulin + the
>extra 2 units for the high blood sugar.  **Also, I'd use the 11.33 variable
>at lunch and dinner and all other snacks during the day.  ***However, at
>breakfast I need 1 1/2 times that amount, so instead of the 11.33 variable,
>I multiply the 11.33 x 75% to get the new number 8.5.  Keep in mind the
>lower the number of the variable the more insulin I'd be taking because it
>is being divided by the total number of carbs.  So If I was having 65 carbs
>at breakfast my breakfast variable would be 8.5 which would be divided by
>the 65(total amount of carbs)  so 65 divided by 8.5 would be 7.7u of insulin
>+ the 2u for the high blood sugar.  I'm sure I'll learn more about this once
>the book comes, but for now it's working.  I know the breakfast seems a
>little high but I'm still experimenting with the breakfast dosage.
>Let me know what else you are doing to get some progress going on the
>diabetes.  Also, I work for a major hospital in the Los Angeles area and
>know the transplant coordinating physician there.  Going to meet with him on
>June 12th about an Islet cell transplant possibility for me, but I'm not
>holding my breath.
>Greg Z.   : )
>Los Angeles, CA
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