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RE: [IPr] Frustrations!! Questions!

Girl, you need to get yourself some extra meters!  You need backup should
one fail.   Anytime I see a postcard or advertisement for a free meter I get
one.  You never know when you're going to need a meter.  You need to check
your bg more often especially if you can't feel the lows.  

Check with your DOCTOR, endocrinologist!!!!!

Lower your basals in your pump so you don't go low when you don't eat.  Eat
something every hour.  Maybe switch to injection of levemir once a day and
go off the pump for a while.   

My lowest bg was 19 and I have never passed out or been in the hospital for
low bgs or any other reason related to Diabetes.   
I don't believe it's always how low, but it could be that you had a sudden
drop of your bgs.  You have to be more aware of what you do, exercise,
expending energy and what you eat,  high sugar carbs, etc.  Don't over

I've had a reaction and then tested my bgs and it was 75, so the number
doesn't always tell you how you're gonna feel.

I suppose with the amount of money the ER is going to cost, your insurance
should have bought you a CGMS.  I can't understand why they don't pay for
the preventative stuff which costs nothing compared to the ER and hospital
stays for complications. 

I have the Dexcom CGMS and I think I paid $600 or $800 for it.  The sensors
are like $60, but you could call them and see if they have any discount
programs.  Check with your insurance company again and I would think if your
Doctor says you must have it, then insurance should pay.

I really think you need to re-prioritize your life, save the money, and get
a CGMS!!!

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Subject: [IPr] Frustrations!! Questions!

Hi All,
I've been trying to lose weight over the past 2-3 months. I've made it up to
35 lbs with around 40 more to go. The problem is now that my BGs are all
over the map. I've been trying to retest my basal rates but it seems like
everytime I do I get different results. I also have hypoglycemic unawareness
on top of it all which is making life a constant hassle. I am a paramedic
and I work night shift anywhere from 36-60hrs a week.  The final straw I
guess was when I tried to collapse at church during our Summit meetings. At
least I didn't go down on the platform in front of 1300 people. 2 of our men
who are also EMTs met me in the back hallway. I thought I was just tired.
They kept asking me about my BG level which I thought was fine. My meter had
broken earlier that day and my back up was MIA. They were just going to
drive me home but when I went to get up I totally washed out and was in and
out of consciousness. The paramedics got 69 but couldn't get a line
started. By the time I got to the ER it was 48. I spent about 5 hrs in the
ER. The interesting thing is that I have been down as low as the 30s and not
passed out. I can't think of why it would be so bad this time.
Does anyone have any ideas of what I can do to get a better grip on things.
My insurance won't pay for the CGMS and I can't afford to get it out of
The not knowing what it is going to do it making me nervous about my job. I
can't be treating pts with my BG levels crashing.
Thank you for any help,
Victoria Waddell, MICP
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