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[IPr] Diagnosis

Unlike most classical diabetics, my condition was the result of surgery. I suffered several years with chronic pancreatitis. It was terribly painful and I had seven major abdominal surgeries, the last of which involved removing my pancreas. My doctors did not expect me to survive the surgery and I had a near-death experience during the procedure.

I believe that prior to each incarnation, we make some very serious decisions about what we desire to learn during this particular life time. I believe that there are no accidents and no victims. Each thing that happens to us is a gift. If we decide to better understand forgiveness during an incarnation, each person who we forgive has brought us a gift in this understanding process. We choose the events of our life time and it may teach us something or it may not. The choice is ours.

I don't believe God CAUSES anything to happen to us. We make these decisions ourselves. I don't think God DOES anything to us. However, he does love us and nothing can separate us from this love.

I believe I am a perfect expression of God based on those things that have formed me in this life time. I deal with my diabetes as a gift which is benefitting my spiritual progress. I see it as a part of my perfection and don't feel sorry for myself or wish I was "normal." We can't define normal, but we can know we are perfect at being who we are. That's our only mission in this life is to know who we are and to live out of love.

David Butler
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