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Re: RE: [IPr] About facing your mortality

There is a plan for our lives..for some of us healing is not in it and when
it comes down to it we still pass away. But one verse I really like when it
is thrown in my face that I have no faith is "In our weakness we are made
strong" and " in all things to be content". So I have many illnesses..but I
believe they have made me stronger and G-d's Will -will be done no matter
what and in that I have peace. I don't worry or concern myself anymore what
people try to tell me. I live for what life I have been given and am
thankful for this. No one can walk my spiritual life but me because we are
so unique.
This is just my belief of course...not trying to tell anyone what to
believe but this is where I am :) I am quite a peace about my death. I have
all my plans made so I can go on with life and let the rest go. Look at Sen
Coverdell. Last week he was in Senate. Over the weekend he had a terrible
headache and last night at age 61 he died. We don't know. Life isn't a
dress rehearsal.  we only have this moment. Who knows what will happen to
me later today? I am ready :)

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