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RE: [IPr] About facing your mortality

<<I think facing your mortality is the hardest nut to crack in dealing in
long term complications in Diabetes . For years I was afraid of dying, but
not too
long ago I came to a realization about
1. my Faith
2. My fear
3. Lack of Control<<

I have thought many times about the issues you brought up.  Faith is a very
complicated issue.  I go to a church that believes that God can heal us, and
have witnessed several people receive their healing over cancer, arthritis,
and other diseases.  It is not hard for me to have the faith that someone
else can be healed.  After all, the bible is full of examples of people
getting healed and God is still the same God today.  But not everyone gets
healed.  I am one of them.  I remember the first or second month I had
diabetes, our pastor had preached about the healing powers of God.  That
night I knelt before God and asked him to heal me.  I had faith...there was
no doubt in my mind God could heal me.  But he hasn't.

Now I could use that to become angry with God.  Or I could use it to say
that I must not have had enough faith, or maybe God can't heal, or maybe God
doesn't even exist.  Of course, all these things raced through my mind as I
coped with the realities that this disease isn't going away soon.  But
instead, this has brought me even closer to God.  I have proclaimed to him
that I will trust him with my life and I will love him regardless of whether
or not I am healed.  God healing me isn't a prerequisite for my belief and
trust in him.

I don't know why God hasn't healed me (yet).  Maybe it was so I can be
closer to him.  Maybe it was so I could be here at my computer right now
telling someone on this list how much God loves him or her.  I don't know
why God does what he does, but I know there was a purpose behind it.  And I
know that all of my struggles don't even come close to what some people
across the world go through.  I have a home, a job, a wife, a son, food to
eat, and the freedom to open myself up to complete strangers on the Internet
without government interference.  Friends, I am blessed far more than I
deserve to be.


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Dear Friends,

1. If I belive in God do I belive that he will let me live long enough to
accomplish what He wants me to do
(not necessarily what I want.)
2. If fear rules my life, I will accomplish nothing because I will deal with
everyone as someone who dosen't understand my predicament and dosn't care
about me.
3. Control is only a perception, Our lives can be gone in
60 seconds whether we have diabetes or not.

My remedy, do what I want to now, say what I want to now,
communicate that I love someone now.

The Bible actually says "do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow have
enough trouble of its own" (paraphrase)

I am not saying, don't take care of yourself, I belive that we should be
good stewards of what we have.(Our Bodies)

I belive and feel that there is a higher purpose to our existence and we
will not leave this world until our part of the great plan have been

I know this probably sounds simplistic but It is the best way to explain how
I see the subject.

Love and Encouragement always,

Vibeke Brant
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