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[IPr] Sharing and caring

Hello fellow Spirits! First, I'd like to thank April for sharing her story
of how birds got their wings, it was very meaningful. And also to thank her
for her heart-felt prayer that all our burdens will turn to wings, I'll add
my own loud AMEN to that!  I'm sorry for all your own present troubles, but
know by your message that your thinking and your heart is good, and I
believe also that when you think of others first, before yourself even, as
you obviously do, that you're already into the healing process.  I was
worried for awhile in the beginnings of this list, that the constant threads
on which  beliefs were right or better than others, would make the
membership fall away.  I hope that will not happen as each of us begin to
appreciate (tho not necessarily agree with) the diverse ways in which we
seek solace and peace.
    My years of dealing with this disease have taken me from anger to denial
to frustration, to the knowledge that I am not "normal", and that I may
never hit perfect numbers, but I will be ok because I continue to try and
accept, and be open to other's views.  And beneath all our own views, we are
all the same people who are just trying to fit in, be loved and give love as
we can. Your stories, each of them, let me know I'm not alone, and your
caring thoughts lift me higher than any pair of wings ever could!
    So thank you!
    Rosemary K

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