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[IPr] About facing your mortality

Dear Friends,

I think facing your mortality is the hardest nut to crack in dealing in the 
long term complications in Diabetes . For years I was afraid of dying, but 
not too
long ago I came to a realization about
1. my Faith
2. My fear
3. Lack of Control

1. If I belive in God do I belive that he will let me live long enough to 
accomplish what He wants me to do
(not necessarily what I want.)
2. If fear rules my life, I will accomplish nothing because I will deal with 
everyone as someone who dosen't understand my predicament and dosn't care 
about me.
3. Control is only a perception, Our lives can be gone in
60 seconds whether we have diabetes or not.

My remedy, do what I want to now, say what I want to now,
communicate that I love someone now.

The Bible actually says "do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow have 
enough trouble of its own" (paraphrase)

I am not saying, don't take care of yourself, I belive that we should be 
good stewards of what we have.(Our Bodies)

I belive and feel that there is a higher purpose to our existence and we 
will not leave this world until our part of the great plan have been 

I know this probably sounds simplistic but It is the best way to explain how 
I see the subject.

Love and Encouragement always,

Vibeke Brant
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