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[IPr] How Birds Got Their Wings

Dear Friends,

Lately I have been going through a very rough time in my life. the problems
seems to just keep piling on to where I feel overwhelmed and like that I just
can't deal with it all anymore. As I stated before I deal with a lot of issues
of control. I don't worry much about my own health although it is very
unstable but find myself wanting to fret over the things in life that I have
no control over like my loved ones. I think this really is an outlet for
dealing with a disease that we feel like we have to try to "control" (as best
we can)not only on a daily basis but minute by minute. I do not have anyone to
discuss spirtual matters with and if you don't mind I want to share my
favorite excerpt from the "Streams In The Desert" as follows-

"There is a fable about the way the birds got their wings at the beginning.
They were first made without wings. Then God made the wings and put them down
before the wingless birds and said to them, "Come, take up these burdens and
bear them"
The birds had lovely plummage and sweet voices; they could sing, and their
feathers gleamed in the sunshine, but they could not soar in the air. They
hesitated at first when bidden to take up the burdens that lay at their feet,
but soon they obeyed, and taking up the wings in their beaks, laid them on
their shoulders to carry them.
For a little while the load seemd heavy and hard to bear, but presently, as
they went on carrying the burdens, folding them over their hearts, the wings
grew fast to their little bodies and soon they discovered how to use them, and
were lifted by them up into the air-...the weights became wings."

It is my prayer that our burdens that we all carry will become our wings.
I needed to share this with myself again and my friends here on the list.

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