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Re: [IPr] Everything happens for a reason.

Hello Everyone
I think I must be a figment of my imagination because I seem to post but not 
be in the dialogue...but perhaps this is the way of being an overly 
philosophical graduate student.
Any how I love this list and I had an ephiphany about the subject of it 
(Diabetes and spirituality) about 24hours before it was created. I tend to 
have things like Deja Vu and ephipanies when important stuff is happening. 
I have had a spiritually challenging week. My insulin in my pump decided to 
go bad or maybe it was already bad and thus I had unexplained high BS for two 
days. I started getting very spiritually and emotionally uneasy through all 
of the BS chaos and cried off and on for three days. When I finally got my 
insulin switched around and my BS stabilized, other obstacles presented 
themselves. Like the U not thinking I excisted and telling me I was not 
getting paid for 4 weeks of work. WHile straightening all of these headaches 
out I had the oppurtunity to meet a prospective pumper who works for the Grad 
school administrative office. I was able to ease her mind about her biggest 
concerns about going on the pump, plus I made a friend.
So I certainly think even during a bad week ALL things no matter how 
frustrating happen for a reason. I have learned a great deal about myself 
this week and I made a friend, while helping her.
Just some more stuff to think about....from the little intellectual out in 
left field!
:) Michelle :)
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