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RE: [IPr] Trying...& the unanswered questions

here's a few scriptures that deal with illness

psalm23  mark 1.29-34  mark 6.53-56  james 5.14-16.like we said earlier,i hope you guys feel
this is only sharing and NOT pushing anything.thanks.

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> It has taken me a while to understand, that for me (and only me) this
> is another step (drastic, yes) of my spiritual path. I still don't want to
> a diabetic but am trying to learn to listen -- not just to myself but
> everything around me -- and see differently.  This unfortunately doesn't
> that I succeed all the time only that I try.


The fact that you are trying means you are much closer to where you hope to
be than many people are!!   As a teacher. I think I've developed a fairly
generous amount of patience as far as working with people & encouraging
their efforts goes...when I was working with junior high kids, I think that
it was a lifesaving device a few times!  :)  It takes a lot to really push
me to a point of getting angry...but one thing I have very little patience
with is those who will not TRY.  I'm thinking you'd do very well in my
classes!  :)

People have written lately about questioning why they were given diabetes.
I believe that everything does happen for a reason - that there are no
accidents.  Not, though, that the outcomes to what we are handed,
challenge-wise, is predetermined...I think we have the will, the right, &
the responsibility to make choices on how we deal with our circumstances.
That is how we learn.  My husband's favorite quote is "that which does not
kill us makes us stronger"...I see that in evidence all the time.  All of
our experiences contribute to who we are - & given a choice, I would change
nothing about the things I've been through, good & bad, in this life,
because those experiences have provided me with the tools I may need to
handle whatever is coming up next in this great adventure.  As far as
diabetes goes - I was diagnosed fifteen years ago, & only really began to
pay attention & work to become much more knowledgable over the past several
years.  Two years ago, my mom was diagnosed - the knowledge I gathered
through my experience has given me the tools I've needed to help her with
it...nope, I wouldn't trade that at all!

I think that the frustrating thing for many of us is the fact that, while
there is (IMO) a reason for everything, we often "don't get to know", for a
long time, or maybe ever.  That's where faith comes in...wherever you find
it, it can sustain you through those unanswered questions.  Whether you see
what happens in your life as God's will, fate, or whatever - if you have a
way of believing that there is a purpose behind it, & you can trust that it
is the best for a final outcome (that may be years down the road, or
tomorrow), your acceptance & dealing with it can be much easier.  When it
causes you the most struggle & grief, that's when parts of you are growing &
developing, building strengths & skills you might've otherwise never had, &
the need for which you may one day find yourself giving heartfelt thanks
for.  I've been through quite a few things (as I'm sure we all have) that
could be seen as very negative experiences - & I'm not painting them all
with sunshine & light, because I do have a realistic picture of the fact
that they were not necessarily pretty.  But would I go back & change
that...not at all.  I'm glad to be the product of those experiences, & they
may allow me to help someone else along the way.  THAT'S what I think the
challenges do for us, & that's why I can live with a lot of questions that
are unanswered.

Brightest Blessings,

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