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[IPr] Moody Blues

Oh yeah, I can relate to this too! I find I get irritated and my stubborn
streak even surpasses a mile wide! But, at least for me, that occurs only
when I'm low. The other weird thing I discovered when on the ole' shots, was
when angered, my bs would really rise! I had gone into my endo's office (1st
endo) and had a bs of 45, so I ate a half of a Little Debbie Nutty Bar, 16
grms., and yet when the doc saw that I hadn't taken a bs reading on Sat.
morning, cause I'd slept in, till 9:45 AM, he went ballistic! Yelling and
screaming at me. I retrieved my sheet from his hand and told him I would be
leaving and would not ever return, he was detrimental to my health with his
"my way or no way attitude!" Best move I ever made. But after I left his
office I found my bs had risen dramatically, so my kids used to tease me by
saying whenever I felt like I was going low, I should just picture that doc!
The anger would rise me up quicker than O.J.!
    Aren't our bodies really weird?? Mine anyway.

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