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Re: [IPr] Grieving One's Self

On 13 Jul 00, at 20:23, april smith wrote:

> I keep a spiritual/prayer journal that I try to write in before going to bed
> at night. I fill it with all kinds of wise quotes, scripture, words of
> encouragement that I glean from many sources and even pretty pictures. When I
> feel that I am losing myself or control I reread what I have wrote and through
> this and prayer nourish my spirit as well as my body. 

Thanks, April.  This condition does affect us in every aspect of our lives - 
and you are right on target about having to take care of our whole being.  
I've had some problems lately with diabetes burnout - latest episode was 
last Sunday night.  I was at a weekend activity called Chrysalis (for 
teenagers - I was serving as the Spiritual Director) where we were staying 
in a church for three nights - and had a site go bad on Sunday afternoon and 
then my bg crashed on Sunday night.  It was one of those times were the 
new site apparently "stored" the insulin and released it all at once.  The 
rest of the event staff were concerned and were fetching me candy - and 
this was just a little past midnight!  I spent the next day pretty down about 
the whole episode.  I really enjoy working on these event since I resigned 
from my church three years ago, largely due to my unstable health making it 
difficult for me to carry two full time jobs.  I was a bivocational minister - 
serving a small church that couldn't pay a salary so I had to have a secular 
job to pay the bills.  This whole week has been impacted by this event, since 
I'm still not quite back up to normal speed.  

This is a continual battle for most of us - and your journal concept is a very 
good way to help maintain your focus and perspective!

Rev. Randall Winchester
WD4HVA (email @ redacted)
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