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Re: [IPr] Re: books on grieving

Dear Ginny,

  I know what you mean!  I was diagnosed at age 15 months.  I am 35 now and
have had diabetes now for 34 years as of June.  I never really thought about
diabetes and its down sides until my adult life...when the complications
started setting in!
I too miss and grieve for the lost me.  The me that I was from age 18 to age
25.  After age 25 I was first diagnosed with neuropathy.  Then at about age
30 gastroparesis.  When I hit 33 they told me I had stage one renal disease.
I miss the me that had energy and wasn't afraid of the future.  Now I am
depressed and find it hard to accomplish things.  Is that how it is for you
too?  I'd give anything to have even an ounce of the enregy I used to
possess.  What I guess I need is some help getting organized!  I seem to
have lost the ability to function outside of my diabetes.  I can manage the
disease and also Heather's battle with it, but not the rest of my life.  Oh
well I am sorry I seem to be babbling on and on!  Hope you all will forgive

Love Always,

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