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RE: [IPr] Hind's Feet & Gratitude

Oh man- this sounds great! I am going to ask Jerry to stop on his way home
from Hotlanta at a Barnes and Noble and get this one for me..maybe it will
help with some ideas..Which Oxford's was still around but oh well..(that
was a well known book store)
Thank you all!

At 09:58 AM 07/13/2000 -0400, you wrote:
>Sammi [mailto:email @ redacted] wrote:
>> Ditto here...I picked it und of sat on a shelf with a lot of 
>> other books
>> that look very good & haven't been given the time & attention 
>> here that they
>> most likely deserve.  Thanks for the nudge!
>Hinds Feet on High Places is one of the best books I know of that presents
>the spiritual journey. But there's a little biographical information that
>may be interesting: the locations Hannah Hurnard writes about are real
>places and not made up. She was a resident of Leysin, Switzerland when she
>wrote it, and the mountains and valleys there formed the backdrop for her
>allegory. FWIW, I graduated from the Leysin American School in Leysin (in
>1964) and also attended the American College of Switzerland (also in Leysin)
>for a year, and was able to recognize the places she writes about.
>It's a book well worth reading (and re-reading!).
>It's not so much a book about dealing with disability, but with persistence,
>perseverance, and faith when the going is the most difficult. Where we
>diabetics differ from many others is that we can put a specific name to our
>dis-ease. Some are not so fortunate.
>Jim Handsfield
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send a DONATION http://www.Insulin-Pumpers.org/donate.shtml