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Re: [IPr] moodiness

In a message dated 07/13/2000 2:18:53 PM Eastern Daylight Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

<< I seem to have very little patience, lose
 control over my feelings and become angry much quicker than before having
 diabetes.  I am reluctant to blame every problem I have on diabetes.  That
 would be too convenient. >>


I am not diabetic, but I know that if my blood sugar drops (which it has on 
occasion, not to the degree yours or my daughters has) I am very snappy, and 
easily irritated.  I also have noticed in her that when she has lows she is 
very irritable, often the first outward sign shown, she has little control 
over what she says and can't seem to make a decision.  So I would say it is 
definitely a symptom of low blood sugars.  On other list I've been on, I have 
heard the same is true of some people who have highs - though we haven't 
noticed this in our daughter.  

Of course for her we certainly teach her not to use it as an excuse for 
obnoxious behavior.  

Susan (Mom to Allie 11, dx'd 8/98 and pumping 12/99)
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