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Re: [IPr] List Purpose Chastisement... :)

> Yes, I will work not to diverge so far as I did last time.  (Hand
> slap respectfully accepted)  On this list, perhaps we need to
> institue the use of YBMV (Your Beliefs May Vary) as our disclaimer
> meaning that "this is what works for me, but we are all different in
> what works for us"...would that help?

Excellent suggestion. I don't mean to completely dampen discussions 
about religion, only to avoid arguments about dogma. We must remember 
that as the list grows there will be representatives from all faiths, 
not just christian either.

Catholics, Protestants, Jews
   Various sects of these
   to many variations for me to list
Follwers of Budda
The Earth religions including Paganism
Agnostics -- who believe in something???
..... and more
we must find a place for all of those views and more on this list as 
there system of belief helps to strengthen them in their lives and 
with respect to diabetes.

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