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[IPr] Hind's Feet & Gratitude

> << I do find reading to be a positive uplifting experience
>  and would suggest"Hinds feet on High Places" by Hanna
>  Hurnard to be a CHALLENGING book to read in the perspective of dealing
>  a disability.
>   >>
> Funny you should mention that!  I have tha book stuffed away somewhere in
> laundry room.  Someone let me borrow it about 2 years ago, and I never got
> around to reading it!  Maybe it is time, with this second recommendation!

Ditto here...I picked it und of sat on a shelf with a lot of other books
that look very good & haven't been given the time & attention here that they
most likely deserve.  Thanks for the nudge!


P.S.  (You knew I couldn't keep my posting THAT short!)  A book I started
reading back through last night that has some wonderful stuff in it, & is
very easy reading (sixty 2-3 page chapters, each one complete in & of itself
& full of quality thought) is called "Attitudes of Gratitude" written by
M.J. Ryan, the author of  "Random Acts of Kindness".    It provides some
really compelling perspective on how/why to appreciate the events &
circumstances of our lives as gifts.

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