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[IPr] List Purpose Chastisement... :)

<My understand is that it is a list that deals with spirituality and dealing
with diabetes. However, the last two messages I responded to did not even
address this purpose.

I have questioned no one who has said they believed Jesus was their Savior
nor one who said they were a Pagan. What you believe is not the issue here.
It is how your beliefs support you in your day-to=-day management of

You are very right in the "purpose of the list" reminder.  My message (the
LONG one  :)  )was not intended to go straying down some other path...I do
find it very helpful, however, to know at times what spiritual
tradition/experience others are coming from, so I have appreciated the
messages that haven't focused specifically on diabetes, but have rather
given a sort of "spiritual picture" of who the writer is.  On the main list,
too, we sometimes drift a little & every post is not specifically
pump-related - but I think that the info./experiences exchanged are still
very helpful to many...or at least, bring a moment of thought or a smile to
some of the readers' faces.  That's (IMO) one of the "support group" aspects
of the list.

Yes, I will work not to diverge so far as I did last time.  (Hand slap
respectfully accepted)  On this list, perhaps we need to institue the use of
YBMV (Your Beliefs May Vary) as our disclaimer meaning that "this is what
works for me, but we are all different in what works for us"...would that

Coffee before any more reading can happen here...a rather vital matter of
priority in this household!  :)


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