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Re: [IPr] Unanswered questions

No I don't believe G-d made me a diabetic. Something happened to me that
caused that and it wasn't G-d :) Our bodies are vessels and are imperfect
ones.  but He didn't make me diabetic. I believe there were many things
that contributed to this human illness but for me I don't believe it was
G-d. He loves me too much to give me any of the illnesses I have. Some of
my illinesses were caused by a wrong that a another human being did to our
family so I cannot blame Him for all what we have gone through. I am
thankful I am able to turn to G-d without any anger knowing He cares for me
as much as He does for all He created.
I really am sorry you have suffered so much loss. My b-i-l died almost 2
yrs ago at age 45 leaving a wife and 2 kids (one graduated from college and
one in college) They were able to be with him as he knew life support had
to be removed..yet they know he is with God now and not suffering and for
that they are thankful and don't blame G-d. It was a defect in my brother
in law's heart and aortic valve that created a disecting aneurysm and all
was done for him that could be but he wasn't to live. He knew everything
that was going on and it had to be the most sorrowful thing I have ever
experienced. He was a well known college quarterback in the 1970's- was a
school teacher- graduated from Northwestern. Was a man with a heart of
gold. But it was his time and we had to release him and he as ready. But it
wasn't G-d that caused it. And sometimes we don't know why things happen as
they do. It is part of  life and I see life as a spiritual journey for the
end will be one of Joy (at least this is what I believe)  I believe He is
with me everyday as I walk my journey..it isn't easy but I don't believe
anywhere we have promised life would be easy on this earth.
I am so sorry you had to go through so much as such a young age. I hope you
may find some inner healing for your soul. It had to be so sad for you and
it sounds like it still is.
I hope you don't mind some cyberhugs!
I hope this note makes some sense:) 
email @ redacted

At 03:58 PM 07/12/2000 -0400, you wrote:
>I keep reading everyone's imput and would like for the sake of everyone to
>just toss out a new question. Do any or all of you feel God made you
>diabetic for some reason??? I've lived with this malady for over 35 years,
>and while I believe in a loving God, all I have arrived at is that when I
>die, I definitely have a few questions for Him!
>Like why did I have to go through this and why did my mom have to die when I
>was 12, and as my Dad hadn't been around since I was 3, I was left feeling
>like an orphan.  I am today, I know, a compilation of all the factors that
>have shaped my life thus far. Some have made me more giving, more
>compassionate, others have left me scarred and wary and bitter. Though I'm
>truly working on the bitter part! As I continue to go through life, I only
>know this much is true, that whatever I must go through, He is with me IF I
>ask Him to be. What about the rest of you?
>    Sincerely,
>    Rosemary

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