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Re: [IPr] Re: books on grieving

OK- laying my soul bare here. Does anyone know of a good book for a person
greiving the loss of one;s self? There are all sorts of books on grieving
for losses of loved ones and friends and family etc but I am going through
alot and I am missing me. And I was wondering if anyone knows of a good
book on grieving one's self other than Kubler-Ross because I have read all
of hers.  Bernie Segal is a good one but I am trying to find one more from
a spiritual side.
I am in the process of grieving the loss of me. It is really hard. I know I
am not the only one who has felt this. Has anyone on here felt this? I have
diabetes and other health problems and I am not doing good. I am not afriad
of dying but I miss me. Me is slowly going away and I need some help in
coping with this. (Does this make sense?). 
I am Sooooo thankful there is this list so I can safely share these things on.
If you know of some good books please email me privately.
email @ redacted

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