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Re: [IPr] an acronym for SIN

I had totally written another message and got stuck on how to express a 
belief of mine.  I decided to read the other posts while trying to get my 
brain unstuck and amazingly enough the direction of what I wanted to say 
totally changed. I don't remember who said "this is thread about diabetes and 
spirituality" (probably several people) but thanks.

Someone questioned "why" they were given this disease -- this is what I've 
experienced.  I am a late onset of DM1 and really have gone through several 
stages (which seems to be an ongoing process) of wondering "why."  I joked in 
the beginning about this being a way to get me to pay attention to what my 
body was saying to me (being a person who was completely unaware of how I was 
harming myself).  Ironically I now believe it was a message -- saying 
"Wake-up." I was drifting through life. Depression + help from alcohol for 
many years.  The depression has been with me all my life, I added the alcohol 

It has taken me a while to understand, that for me (and only me) this disease 
is another step (drastic, yes) of my spiritual path. I still don't want to be 
a diabetic but am trying to learn to listen -- not just to myself but 
everything around me -- and see differently.  This unfortunately doesn't mean 
that I succeed all the time only that I try.

Take Care
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