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[IPr] Thanks to all for sharing!

To everyone who emailed a response to my question of feeling as if God gave
you diabetes for a reason, thank-you! I know that unanswered "Why?", would
just drive me insane if I keep going there. Like all of you, I'm just trying
to live  each day with the  brightest outlook I can muster, and I must add
that having friends, like yourselves, to share with has most definitely
    So when I hit another unexpected low, even when I'm counting carbs,
testing regularly, and still things seem to fall apart, I know you can
relate.  And that really helps me find humor where before I felt only
different and like a failure.
    In fact at my last job I was in the ER for 3+ hours and then driven back
to the office by my supervisor, after-hours of course, and told to mop up my
barf from the break room floor before I left for the day. As she put it,
"After all, it was your mess!" Still not overly funny, but in retrospect,
she was a major jerk anyway in a lot of things, so why should that day be
any different?
    Yours in highs, lows and everything in-between!

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