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[IPr] unanswered questions

<< Do any or all of you feel God made you diabetic for some reason???<<

That is definitely a tough question.  I'm not sure if I know whether or not
God gave us diabetes.  I know from biblical scripture that God will not give
us more than we can handle.  God knows our limits and may push us to those
limits in order for us to understand something or see something in a
different light.  I will also have many questions for God.  But I believe
trying to put a purpose behind everything that happens will only frustrate
us.  I don't believe we are all or part God.  Some things are not meant for
us to understand simply because they are heavenly issues and above what our
secular mentality is capable of.  In the gospel of John chapter 3, Jesus was
explaining something to Nicodemus, who could hold his own and quote the
bible [as someone said in an earlier post].  But Nicodemus didn't understand
what Jesus was telling him and asked, "How can this be?"  Jesus' answer to
him [and to us] was, "If I have told you earthly things, and ye believe not,
how shall ye believe, if I tell you of heavenly things?"

The point is this, If Jesus were sitting among us today, lets say as part of
this list, and were explaining to us the reason we had diabetes, or our
parents died or left us, or why there are starving people in the world...I
don't believe we would understand even then.  I have moved passed that wedge
some time ago and have declared for myself and my GOD that I will trust him
with whatever life delivers me and turn it into an experience that I can
use, regardless of whether or not I know its reason or purpose.


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