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Re: [IPr] Unanswered questions

<<why did I have to go through this and why did my mom have to die when I was 12, and as my Dad hadn't been around since I was 3,>>


I personally believe each of us is perfect as we are. We are perfect at being who we are. No one else could do it because they don't have the life experiences we have. I also believe that we make a number of decisions prior to our incarnation into this lifetime. This would include your parents and diabetes. On the soul level we decide that we need these things to help us grow spiritually. You said the things that happened to you formed you. You admitted that you were working on the bitter and I commend you for that. However, I'll bet the compassionate part of you would not be there if it were not for your life experiences.

I think we all have questions which we want answered and maybe we need the answers and maybe we don't. The real question is, does the belief system you have developed serve you in your day-to-day life? Does it help you in dealing with the frustrations of diabetes? If you answer these questions, yes, then I believe you are on a good track for you.

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