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Re: [IPr] Unanswered questions

     I read your post and I use to feel the same way.  Mmy mom died when I 
was 7, dad on frugs, diabetes, anorexia, now retinopathy.  I use to be 
bitter, but now I know that I am taken care of.  We all have the power within 
to creatw our own realities and most don't know how to use it.  It is people 
like us who discover how to use it due to our hardships.  I dealt with my 
past and safely tucked it away.  It is today that I am focused on, and 
tomorrow is another goft.  The future is so amazing, because we all know so 
little about the universe and life, only our Creator does.  And in our 
Creator, we need to trust.

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