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[IPr] Unanswered questions

I keep reading everyone's imput and would like for the sake of everyone to
just toss out a new question. Do any or all of you feel God made you
diabetic for some reason??? I've lived with this malady for over 35 years,
and while I believe in a loving God, all I have arrived at is that when I
die, I definitely have a few questions for Him!
Like why did I have to go through this and why did my mom have to die when I
was 12, and as my Dad hadn't been around since I was 3, I was left feeling
like an orphan.  I am today, I know, a compilation of all the factors that
have shaped my life thus far. Some have made me more giving, more
compassionate, others have left me scarred and wary and bitter. Though I'm
truly working on the bitter part! As I continue to go through life, I only
know this much is true, that whatever I must go through, He is with me IF I
ask Him to be. What about the rest of you?

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