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[IPr] List Purpose

After answering several emails concerning the root of my beliefs, I believe we all need to look, once again, at the purpose of this list.

My understand is that it is a list that deals with spirituality and dealing with diabetes. However, the last two messages I responded to did not even address this purpose.

I have questioned no one who has said they believed Jesus was their Savior nor one who said they were a Pagan. What you believe is not the issue here. It is how your beliefs support you in your day-to=-day management of diabetes.

I have my beliefs and support everyone else in their beliefs. Even St. Paul said to early Christians that they were not to argue for the sake of arguing. I think that one who has belief that works and supports them in their daily living is on the right track for them. I don't question this track nor do I try to denigrate them for their choices. I don't care if their belief requires that they strip naked, cover them selves with oil and climb a palm tree for meditation; if it works and supports them, I support it.

I didn't think this list was a place for trying to understand another or change them, but to support them in what they believe.

If anyone wants to discuss dogma with me off line, I will be glad. I can hold my own with anyone when it comes to my belief system. I can quote bible scripture as well as the next one. I have read it through three times.

Lets stick to the purpose of this list.

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