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Re: [IPr] Here's to the "weeds"

Just curious David, so do you think we created ourselves?  or we created God? or as co-creators we created the universe?  Are you saying that we somehow have a part in our own creation? 

I don't believe creation ended with the beginning of the universe. Creation is continuous and never ending. We are co-creators with god in creating our reality. In a sense we did create ourselves because we are God. Just as a cup of ocean water is part of the ocean our soul is a part of God because it is God. God's will for us is our will for us. 

I believe God is at work in my life, molding me into who he wants me to be, and like David said he uses circumstances to do that.  Everything does happen for a purpose.  

I believe God gives us free will. If he is molding us and making us what he wants us to be this goes directly in opposition to free will. There is only perfection with God, there are no accidents, no victims and no coincidences. Everything that happens to us guides us to understanding who we are. That's all God asks of us is to remember who we are. 

I am very curious as to where some of you have developed your beliefs.  My beliefs were developed through God's Word and hopefully anything I would state would be consistent with that.

I thought the purpose of this list was to discuss how our spirituality helps us deal with our diabetes not to defend our beliefs. I offer no defense. These are my beliefs and are very personal to me. My beliefs are just as well founded for me as yours are for you.

My spirituality is extremely personal to me and God is my friend, co-creator and spport in all that I do. I cannot be separated from God because I am a part of God.


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