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Re: [IPr] Here's to the "weeds"

In a message dated 07/12/2000 10:16:55 AM Eastern Daylight Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

<< I believe God is co-creator with each individual person. However, I don't 
believe he is a lawgiver or judge. I believe this belief sets one up for 
failure in his/her faith. I believe that everything that happens to us is 
because, on a much higher level, we decided that we needed the experience to 
continue our spiritual growth. Once we begin to look at everything that 
happens as a gift, we begin understanding our role in this incarnation. 
Diabtes has brought me much growth.

Just curious David, so do you think we created ourselves?  or we created God? 
 or as co-creators we created the universe?  Are you saying that we somehow 
have a part in our own creation?  And whom would you say is the lawgiver and 
judge?  I also believe that what happens is to continue our spiritual growth, 
and that maybe things are gifts (blessings) and sometimes consequences, but 
if we are co-creators how does that fit?  Are we gifting ourselves?  I know 
this sounds worse than I am saying it, but these are legitimate questions.  I 
truly am not disrespecting you as a person, I am trying to understand what 
you are basing your beliefs on.  

I do view God as a higher being.  He is creator, lawgiver, judge and much 
more!  I believe God is at work in my life, molding me into who he wants me 
to be, and like David said he uses circumstances to do that.  Everything does 
happen for a purpose.  

I don't remember who said it, but their question was something to the effect 
of people fitting God to what suited them.  Sadly, I do believe that is what 
people do.  Does that mean God is who they say He is?  I'm not saying that.  
But I agree with Jean, people tend to choose the parts of God that they like, 
and disregard what they don't.  Or I guess some even choose what they have 
been taught.  

This for me will be a tough list to give input too, and the reason is that by 
the very nature of the list (religion or spiritual things) it will be a very 
controversial list.  If I don't agree with you (doesn't mean I am judging you 
or disrespecting you) and state my opinion I fear it will sound as if I am 
disrespecting you.  Does that make sense?  Certainly in the few post that 
have been made it appears there are MANY different views of who God is.  I am 
very curious as to where some of you have developed your beliefs.  My beliefs 
were developed through God's Word and hopefully anything I would state would 
be consistent with that.

Again, I mean NO disrespect to anyone and hopefully I have offended no one!

Susan :)
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