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[IPr] an acronym for SIN

<<My very personal belief is that SIN is an acronym for Self Induced
Nonsense. I do not see God as one who is sitting somewhere just waiting for
us to make a mistake so he can punish us.<<


I'm sorry you feel that sin opens us up for God's punishment.  I know that
God is not a God of wrath or vengeance.  He [for lack of a politically
correct pronoun] wants nothing more than for us to have an intimate personal
relationship with him.  Sin keeps us from developing that relationship.  It
is a barrier separating us from God.  For that reason, and that reason only,
God hates Sin.  He hates being separated from his people.

God does not punish us for our sin, either.  The sin in itself is punishment
enough.  God only wants us to acknowledge that non of us are without sin,
and no matter how hard we try, we will never overcome sin without turning to
him first.

I want to also add that I don't see diabetes as affecting my spiritual life
all that much.  I haven't had diabetes that long and maybe I don't take the
disease serious enough.  For those of you stating that diabetes has changed
the direction of your life, what part of this disease is responsible for
that?  Did it take a catastrophic event to make that change?


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