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[IPr] Susan & Weeding

> Hi Susan,
> I'm Susan, also.
> I share your beliefs.  I think this list will take the view of the
majority --
> hopefully they will be mostly Christian in their viewpoint.  If not,
though, we
> can always weed out the messages that we don't care to see.  Personally, I
> to see others views as well as those that are the same as mine.
> Hope you stay with us.
>     ... Susan


Susan 2000 (to alleviate confusion!),

Please don't be offended if we don't all share your viewpoint here, as far
as the list taking "the view of the majority"...or even of the minority!
Some of us are genuinely excited about having the opportunity to share
thoughts/feelings/ideas with others who have a spiritual focus in their
life, whether it is similar to our own or not.  I sincerely hope that this
list does not develop a designated view at all...that it serves as an open
forum for exchange between those of MANY faiths & viewpoints, the more
varied, the better!  If I wanted to talk with only those who share my
particular beliefs & no others, I would go to my church & do so, or go to
one of the chatrooms online that provide that, within a narrower scope.
What I hope to see here (& this is speaking for me, not the whole world...I
do realize this) is an exchange between those from perhaps very different
spiritual traditions, as we share what works for us (or what doesn't  :)  )
spiritually in working with the adventure of diabetes.  If this becomes
anything like other exchange opportunities I've had, we are liable to find
out that our similarities far outweigh our differences...& we can learn a
lot about other ways (& thus, our own) in the process.  My very Catholic
in-laws (who weren't too sure about me at all at first!) are learning this,
& we give each other a LOT to think about!

You do have every right to "weed out" those who don't see things the way you
do.  It makes me a little sad to realize that I'm very likely to be among
"the weeded", because I think that all of us here may have a lot to offer
one another.  But you know what?  I've seen some of the most beautiful
plants in the world classified as weeds...& that doesn't stop them from
thriving, & from stretching to reach for the sun in the joy of each new day.
When I was little, my grandmother (a staunch Methodist woman who has been
sorely missed for close to thirty years) gardened (mostly for practical
purposes) down in a field below her house.  When my mom & I came to live
there, & I was a scared little girl in the midst of divorce, my grandma put
me to work helping her garden...& one little corner area was mine, to do
with as I pleased.  I could use any of the different seeds she was using, &
when things began to grow, I could decide what (if anything) was to be
weeded out.  I quickly learned that if you didn't do SOME weeding, some of
the plants wouldn't let others grow.  I was also allowed to keep whatever I
liked..."weeding by choice"...& I learned so much from this.  If I fell in
love with the weed with the bright-blue flowers, or the viney thing that
swirled all around in gorgeous designs, I could keep those & weed out the
carrots.  (Never was a big carrot fan!)  It was MY garden...& the respect
she gave it & my choices taught me to respect & care for hers as well, even
if we didn't grow the same things or agree on them.

Please don't think I'm offended here...your words brought back something
very valuable that I haven't given thought to in a long time.  THAT is what
I hope happens on this list...so whether you opt to read the postings of
those who do not believe as you do or not, this one at least very much
appreciates the gift you've given her this morning...Thank You!

Happy here among the weeds,

"There is only one religion, though there are a hundred versions of it."
                                                        ~George Bernard Shaw

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