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Re: [IPr] Diabetes and spirit

Dear Ashley,

  Hi again!  Yes I am under a physicians care for my thyroid problem.  The
main thing is I seem to be somewhat resistant to synthroid so I am on a
fairly high dose and it works for so long then I gain weight and they check
and sure enough the dosage gets bumped up!  I'll get it together and lose
the weight eventually I hope!  In the mean time my problem is finding an
exercise program that doesn't involve walking...my doctor refuses to let me
participate in a walking program because of the neuropathy.  He treats me
like I am a frail little old person with bad eyesight who won't check her
feet!  He is afraid I will get foot ulcers--a problem that fortunately I
haven't had to deal with yet!  I guess he is being cautious because even
though the pain is gone from my neuropathy I have lots of numbness in my
lower legs and feet still.  Suggestions for exercises other than walking
would be greatly appreciated!!  Especially some that can be done in Winter.
Right now I have been walking around in a swimming pool and also swimming
  Hope to hear from you again soon!

Love Always,

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