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Re: [IPr] Diabetes and spirit

Ashely, Michelle and anyone else interested,

I'd like to share in the discussion on Diabetes, Anorexia and Spirituality.  I
share your experiences.  Michelle, your endo is smart to realize how diabetes can
make anorexia worse but it doesn't take a pump.  I used diabetes to practice
anorexia 20 years ago.  I no longer practice and now I'm healthier, happier and
heavier.  I've never tied these three topics together but am excited at the
idea.  Please write personally or through the list.


email @ redacted wrote:

> Hello Ashley
> My name is Michelle (as you may have already figured out). I would love to
> coorespond with you privately regarding your experiences with Diabetes,
> Anorexia, and Spiritualty. I share these types of experiences with you and am
> very interested in talking to you about how they intertwine. I am glad to
> hear that the pump has helped you so much. My Endo made me wait for over a
> year to get my pump because she was worried I would use it to allow my
> ANorexia to become worse. I finally was able to get my Eating DIsorder
> counselors consent to get the pump and my Endo agreed last September (99). I
> find the pump to be a wonderful stress reliever, for someone like myself who
> is very high anxiety, PLease let me know if you are willing to talk to me
> privately or even on AOL chat. Michelle- email @ redacted
> :) Blessed Be :)
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